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Looking for sex tips to spice things up in the bedroom? Do sensual rub down. It is usually an erotic massage and performed from one partner to another as part of the foreplay or after a sexual act. The main purpose of arousing gratification of the senses and physical massaging is to achieve sexual arousal and massage the erogenous zones of the woman and the man, but not the penetrating sex.

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What is erotic massage?

carnal massage goes beyond physical touch and includes several elements allowing the recipient to relax and enjoy. In this form of massage, the recipient must completely surrender to his emotions and relax therefore extremely important to define the right environment. ¬†bodily massages are used to express feelings and give the recipient a wonderfully sensual experience. Remember that it’s about giving, even if the energy flows back and forth during the manipulation of the body.


An environment is especially sexual with a combination of lighting, sounds, smells, and temperature. The room temperature warm enough to massage with limited or no clothes. Before the massaging, a hot bath in which the therapist washes the recipient’s body is a fantastic way to relax both the client and body.


If a customer is a little nervous, the back is covered, which explains why the towel can be removed when it becomes more comfortable. A nude body provides a more sensual experience with uninterrupted strokes and even the use of the body as a massage tool.


Setting up the environment for sensual massaging


Before we start, we ask our customers if they have something that they don’t want to be touched or doesn’t like. This helps to get an idea of how comfortable a person is and how the sensual aspects of the massage will be delivered. Some important issues considered and offered when attending sensual massage glasgow are:


Techniques used by erotic massage therapist


Sensual strokes

The erotic massage begins with softer movements that relax the body physically and mentally. As a result, the body’s soft tissues are warmed and stretched. It contains various typing techniques that will reassure and awaken the client.



Here, hands run on the body of the client. This can extend and cover areas of the body such as the legs and back at the same time, then slip to give the impression that there are many hands caressing lovingly. This technique ensures that the client will indulge in the sensations of the contact.



Touch is ideal for stimulating the nerve endings near the skin’s surface after a massaged sequence. This releases a feeling of tension in the body.



It is the lightest touch that moves along the body in the same way as the touch of the rake. It is particularly sensual and can send exciting thrills through the entire body of a person.


Apply the oil

A little oil to lubricate your skin and give your strokes a sensual sensation. Pouring of a small amount of massaging oil into a tealight bowl to keep it warm and easily accessible.


Some benefits to the client in obtaining a sensual rub down


The benefits of seductive massages are well known and are sometimes used to treat various sexual conditions. They can help men, women, and couples overcome certain problems and lead a better and more fulfilling sex life.


To conclude a sensual massage depends on the person, the comfort and the money offered. Make sure that the rub down and its ending correspond to the current sensation and can even lead to a more erotic recreation. A client returning to work may take a bath to remove excess oil. The situation depends on the recipient. It is assured that the massage is nearby, which can distinguish the recipient.

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