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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a list of our most popular inquiries and technical problems.  if you do not find what you are looking for here.  Contact us and we would be happy to help.

Directory Listings

There are 4 adult directories to use.  Free listing, basic listing, featured listing and business listing.  All directories are programmed to show 50 Listings per directory.  Listings marked as featured and new will be listed first in each specified directory.  There will be a package add on which you can sign up to to be marked as featured in the directory area of your listing.

All profiles added in each directory will be indexed on search engines.  I am working on packages to rank each listing on search engines with high traffic targeted keywords.

When the user searches through the filters provided on specific requirements listings will only show which match the input criteria.

Adult Forum & Chat Rooms

The new adult forum is now added and fully functional.  The chat rooms is now live.

Currently 200 members have been transferred from the other forum to the new one.  Passwords have been generated and are unique. You can change your password at any time.  You will be sent a link to activate your account which will contain your user and pass details in the email you registered with..

Login Page To Site And New Forum

Registration on site is now working. when registered you will be transferred automatically to your dashboard.   This area is for users within the site to add listings to directories, reviewing listings, adding ratings, editing listings or reviews.  You can also add reviews and ratings as a guest, but it will look more genuine if it is listed under a user.  You will be then able to edit accordingly if you are logged in as a user.

The forum is a separate area of the site so user names which are set up for the forum can only be used within the forum.  If you want to sign up to the site you can also list you user and pass here too which you use on the forum.

How To Get Started With The Directory?

You will need to sign up as a user first – click the register button at the top on the menu. you will be taken to the dashboard automatically.  Go to the directory page and select your plan.  You will then be taken to the listings page to input your information.

Payments that are accepted are; Paypal, Credit Card and Debit Card.

There a 4 listing plans available.  Free, Basic, Featured and Business.  Listings marked as featured and new will appear first in the chosen directory.

Upgrade plans will be introduced if you want to mark your listing as featured to appear first in the directories.


What Will Happen To Cate's Personal Pages?

Cate’s personal pages will be redirected to relevant areas of the fully published site.  Meta tags will be updated in the search engines and the traffic from those listed pages will be transferred to other areas of the site.

What Do Logged In Users See?

Logged in users will be taken to their user dashboard.  This area will list new directory listings, you can edit your listing, edit your review.  If you have placed any orders They will show here.

You can update your profile, add photo and contact information if you wish.

You will be able to access restricted areas of the site where logged in users can only view the content.

Log in and registration buttons are now added throughout the site.

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